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embracing the end of something special
Submitted by babblegumsam (@BabblegumSam) — 47 days, 17 hours before the deadline
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Play roleplaying for two


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What a harrowing game. I think the scariest thing about it, for me, is the nebulous space it leaves between reality and fiction. We're meant to "draw from" our real lives, but this is still a roleplaying game, and we're still establishing a shared fiction together (at least, the way I read the game). So there's this uncertainty behind every statement: Are we airing real grievances? Are we exaggerating otherwise insignificant grievances? Are we inventing ones that are merely plausible (and is that inherently a kind of judgment or indictment)? Navigating that diegetic/non-diegetic landscape together is difficult in exactly the way that sharing our actual lives with other people is. After all, on some level, the things we think and know and experience only gain realness when put in conversation with the corresponding thoughts and knowledge and experiences of others. 

Thank you so much for the game! It's difficult and beautiful.


Thank you so much!!! 

And you're welcome as well, I was not sure how people would react to this (seeing how raw it is).
After all, what's the difference between memory and fiction?