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Jam4Fun Team's dev log

A topic by davebaol created Dec 26, 2015 Views: 360,467 Replies: 3
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Hi guys,

davebaol and jsjolund here, under the name of Jam4Fun Team. :)

Unfortunately we are moving rather slowly since we both are pretty busy with real life these days.
So we decided to keep the game simple and try to make it cool.

Basically it's the typical endless run game, but you have to fly of course .

Here's the game's plot:

Thankfully it has been a long period of peace in the universe and life is thriving everywhere.

However a huge fearsome comet, known as The Big Mower, is destroying every life form along its winding path across the universe.

Your mission, as the hero of this story, is to follow the tail of the comet at the maximum speed, avoiding obstacles and restoring as much life as you can before it's too late to do so.

It is a desperate run, a necessary sacrifice...

May the force be with you!!!

Follow our progress on GitHub and Twitter

New updates coming soon (hopefully) :)

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Step 1: Following the tail of the comet

The very first step to breathe life into our game is to generate the tail of the comet, i.e. the path the hero has to follow.

To do this we have to simulate an endless random spline and make the camera follow the spline at constant speed.

We used a Catmull-Rom spline for that. While traversing the spline, each time you reach a control point you advance the spline by removing the first point and adding a new one at the other end. This new random point is generated by adding random components x,y,z to the last point of the spline. It's a simple and effective process.

jsjolund just recorded a short video showing a li'l intro screen and the step 1 described above.

The red/green line will become a spaceship. The white line will be a trail of asteroids the player will have to navigate through.

As you can see, there's still nothing playable in it, but this should give you at least a vague idea :)


Hi guys,
sorry to say that we gave up on jamming for various reasons, the main one being that I've quitted smoking right after the jam started and this killed all my enthusiasm :(

Anyways, 21 days without smoking... this is my personal success so far :)