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Asset Not Found Devlog

A topic by keigorw created Dec 22, 2015 Views: 648 Replies: 2
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We're a group of five people who have never really made a game before. We're starting our devlog a bit late because everyone was working over the weekend and/or getting brain surgery.

Today we set up our github (, started tweeting (@SweetTHodge), and got people working on art and sounds. We hope to start programming tomorrow.

Our idea is a top-down Raiden-X style bullet hell game about pirates in space called Pirates of Dark Matter.


Hey! Good luck in this challenge!


We submitted finally. Things got pretty complicated and busy for most of the team, so we couldn't participate nearly as much as we wished.

If anyone likes the main theme, it was composed by @SweetTHodge and his SoundCloud can be found here with plenty more game music samples: