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Rules & Jam Info Sticky

A topic by DilapidatedMeow created Jan 03, 2018 Views: 227 Replies: 1
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General details

The aim is for you to learn something new, it could be that you've never used Unity or GameMaker before and you want to give that a go or something as simple as you've never made a game with in the adventure genre.... all you've got to do is go out of your comfort zone!


1) Something in your entry must be something you didn't have prior experience in doing

Good examples:

  • First use of a different engine
  • First time you've produced your own sound for a game
  • First game you've made
  • The first time you've used C# to make a game
  • First time you've collaborated with someone to make something

2) An unfinished project can still be submitted

3) Do not start work until the Jam starts

4) Investigating the new thing you want to use before the jam starts is encouraged. 

5) Tell people in the entry description what you learned and what new thing you used.

Just to note, rule 5 is a trust thing, please don't say you've never used <thing> before but are actually an expert, lets make this fun!

Host (1 edit)

Just to be clear in regards to rule 3.... entries that have obviously been started before the jam will be removed before voting starts. It isn't fair on people that bothered enough to respect that it's a game jam.