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Don't Let Me Fall - Unity source project

A topic by OmarK created Oct 01, 2016 Views: 130 Replies: 2
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Hello all! Thought I'd share my game's source project here in case anyone starting out with Unity would like to look at a real, existing project and learn a bit from it. The majority of the code is undocumented though but hopefully some of it is pretty straight forward. If not, I'm always open for questions.

Download link:

PS to those more experienced with C#: I realize that the level of unclean and inefficient code in my project is too damn high, but in such a small time frame compromises had to be made. Also hey it'd probably be more encouraging for beginners to realize they don't need to be Jonathan Blow to make something decent and working. :P

If you've developed and showcased a game tonight, I hope you wouldn't mind sharing your source project too!

Why not put it on github instead ? that way you can even update the game if you wanted to and it's better for open source projects

Being the colossally lazy person that I am, I've never really dabbled with version control before despite knowing how important it is for programmers.. Guess I'll do that once I finally get around to it.