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Screen Capture

A topic by chebertapps created Dec 14, 2015 Views: 368 Replies: 3
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I know a lot of game dev competitions people have either continuous screen/audio capture or a time-lapse.

I was wondering if anyone had good resources for doing this kind of thing on Linux?

It's always really fun to watch people's workflow, especially with a language as dynamic as Lisp.

For continuous screen-capture in the past I've tried using ffmpeg and recordmydekstop, but I found that for captures much longer than 10 minutes, they can be glitchy.

I guess a lot of people who stream games use OBS, which I might try.

I think I used ffmpeg for time-lapse, and that worked out pretty well.


I use "simplescreenrecorder" these days. But i'm not sure it does time lapse.


For timelapsing I tend to just use scrot, ran every 10 seconds in a infinite loop in a python script -- the script also allows a number of workspaces to be "excluded" (using wmctrl to check the active workspace), so that anything you want to assure won't be included on the timelapse can be done on an alternate workspace. I then use mencoder to piece it together into a video.

OBS is pretty easy to install/compile, not difficult to use at a very basic level, and seems to be used by most people who livestream their coding sessions seriously.