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Game Announcement Guidelines Sticky Locked

A topic by Alamantus GameDev created Dec 17, 2015 Views: 325
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First of all, Generate Your Insanity Jam Idea. You have the option to use an idea in the generator's history if you don't like the most recently generated one, but beware! The idea generator's history only holds the 5 most recently generated ideas!

When announcing your game, please use the following format:

Title of the topic:

Entry: <Title Of Game (which you can change whenever you need/want to)>

Note: Actually write "Entry: " before the title of your game so we can find entries more easily!

Content of Body:

Random Game Seed: <The seed used to generate your game idea, found at the top of the idea generator page>
Random Game Idea: <The text of your generated idea in full>
Qualifiers: <Was your genre locked to something? Did you remove the genre? If not, leave this line out.>
Title: <Title of game (which you can change whenever you need/want to, just keep it consistent with the topic's subject)>
Idea: <What you as the developer think you could actually make out of the random game idea>

If you change your idea and/or title, be sure to edit your original post in your topic to reflect the change.
You can keep your old idea for reference by wrapping the text in del tags (strikethrough) below your new idea on the original post:

new idea
old idea

After creating your topic, please post updates as replies to that topic so we don't clutter up the forum with duplicates.

Thanks! And enjoy!