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Number of Characters

A topic by Olivia C Dunlap created Jun 10, 2017 Views: 159 Replies: 3
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Hey everyone! This is my first time writing a dating sim. Just out of curiosity and as a fun talking point... how many romance-able characters are you including in your game?

I started off with 6, but realized that based on my game's scale that wouldn't be super reasonable to get done in a month. Now it's four! 

With the game I'm (hopefully) entering, I'm going to have 3 love Interests.  I realize that whenever I want to write a VN I always end up thinking of 3 love interests in all ^^;

My initial plans were for 4 different love interests, but as i've been writing stuff and trying to figure out the scope, i'm thinking of dropping it to 3.  3 Seems like a nice number y'know :P

3 Is a pretty good number. It's enough that there are reasonable options, it's not so many that it's hard to write enough content.