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You find yourself in a world of strange happenings. Where even death itself is controlled by a crazy Frog
Submitted by jree101 with 2 hours, 48 minutes before the deadline

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Ranked 67th with 3 votes

People's Choice Vote#673

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    Graphics are RTP, so they fit well together. Mapping is a mix of sample maps and one town that is lightly edited. Otherwise it's all just default stuff, including heroes, items, armour, weapons, descriptions of characters and everything else.

    Sound is there. It's default.

    Music is the one area that isn't RTP and it fits well enough. The music itself is quite nice but I can't help but feel as though it's wasted on a game like this where it's more of a joke than anything else. It doesn't really fit the game that well. Something more light hearted and silly would have probably fit better.

    The writing is... it's there. Some of it is even interesting. What isn't lifted straight from the default descriptions is fine. No errors or issues. It's not exactly interesting, though, and a lot of it is rather bland or exists to be a joke. There's no characterisation and the story is basically "Kill yourself in amusing ways for some frog god thing".

    Gameplay consists of battles and walking around interacting with stuff.

    Battles are bland and default affairs. There's nothing new here at all, no customisation in any way, shape or form. It's just picking a default hero, fighting default enemies with your default equipment and default armour that you find in a default dungeon. No effort was made in the creation of these battles and it shows. They're bland and boring affairs.

    The interaction is... okay. There's no real instruction in what you need to do so you just stumble around an hope you find something to amuse yourself (or the frog) with in the mean time. There's really not much to this game bar a few choices (what to feed a dragon/whether or not to kill a little kids' cat).

    The witch has an issue where I don't think you can find her potion. There was also a weird wait of a second or so before every battle. Not sure what that was about considering everything was default and no other Ace games have ever done that before.

    This game was frustrating in how boring it was. After the first few deaths you're just stuck poking your nose into things, looking for a way to off yourself, but it gets harder and harder to find anything to do. I ended up giving up after spending 20 minutes just looking for a way to die and continue the story.

    The theme was, I guess, death and amusing a god. It worked in the written sense and the gameplay of killing yourself over and over helped too, but there was precious little instruction or hint about what to do next or how to progress, so you just wandered around forever doing nothing.


Team Members
Jesse Barker, Ann Barker

RPG Maker VX Ace

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:D :D :D 
Have my totally insane vote! 


The game is funny and fun to play for this type of game. I noticed that the character at the bottom-left has no description when you are choosing your character, just his name. I'll reply as I play it more.

Would it be possible to use a ZIP file instead of an EXE? Most people will have problems installing an EXE on Windows because it will warn them about the file.

The voting system of is not set up. All you can do is click on the checkbox for "Vote".


Thank you for letting me know about the lack of description on the character, I will have to fix that when I update it. I will also look at doing it as a zip file next time as well.