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Challenge your creativity and create your own path in this new take on the classic 2D platformer genre.
Submitted by Sealhorse Studios, SH Creations, fbjorn, THE_SwedishLad, Lincke94, Vedbod, PontusCanholm, Gouvernour, youngheioh — 2 days, 1 hour before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Game Play / Game Feel#14.4444.444
Presentation (itch listing)#13.8893.889
Level Design#14.3334.333
Innovation / Experimentation#23.6673.667
Art Direction#34.3334.333

Ranked from 9 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Judge feedback

Judge feedback is anonymous and shown in a random order.

  • This game is too good to be am 8 week student project. 0 complaints! you guys can go the distance with this game. Everything is crystal clear, what you are supposed to do, what can hurt you and how you an do it. I also love the fact that you can take on a challenge in multiple ways. Your game mechanics and level design go so well together. Art and music is a pleasure to look and hear, I don't know what else to say.
  • This is an excellent game - the visuals are great, the glowing sprite behind the player character helps the gameplay, the feedback from drawing the lines is solid, it's challenging yet very easy to understand what I'm doing as a player. A great example of "Easy to Learn, Hard to Master". Congratulations! Good audio, very clear store presentation, very high quality game play. (1 in storytelling because no storytelling - which is perfectly fine in this type of game)
  • Fantastic job! You already know what you are doing and keep on doing it, very impressive project. Don't have much else to say, just continue developing this and release it on steam. Great indie title and I think speedrunners will go crazy over this : )
  • Draw your own path to victory! Amelite is a unique platformer that allows the player to draw their own platforms as a resource. It's challenging, fast, and allows for mastery if you spend enough time. AMAZING WORK guys, truly. This game is an amazing first year project, that really sticks out from the competition. You have managed to create a game that looks and FEELS like a finished commercial product, which is no easy feat at all. The gameplay feels smooth, and give the player full control of their own movement. The drawing mechanic works really well, and the resource management part of it really adds to the moment to moment decisions the players have to make. The timers are a great addition to the game. Letting players see how they do, as well as encouraging them to do better! For some feedback: Make sure to put a lot of time into bugfixing and polishing the movement of the game, when playing it, I personally experienced some small moments where the character freaked out when I hit certain surfaces. It happened rarely, but make sure it works perfectly, it is what makes your game so good! The art and sound is fantastic! Nothing feels intrusive, and it feels really good to see the obstacles ahead so clearly! Level design is wonderful as well, elevator trauma aside, all the levels were great, each with their own challenges to tackle. I really think you could take this game to a storefront if you keep working on it. The target audience that you have will eat this right up! GREAT, GREAT WORK ONCE AGAIN! Keep it up guys!
  • Amelite has all the elements of a solid precision platformer - a unique hook, clear visual language and a difficulty curve that steadily goes from trivial to really challenging.
  • Good looking game. I think the intro text could be more readable, ALL CAPS is just hard to digest. I think the player controls could use a few more passes, as certain levels require very precise controls, but the game is not giving me that. So I would either make less tricky jumps, or tighter controls.
  • Excellent demo. With "just" more content, fleshed out narrative and some thin layers of polish this will be Celeste-level (that is, a great game and a highly commercially viable product). Great art. Great sound. Great mechanic that's surprisingly solid for the amount of time spent on it. Great level design. My feedback is nitpicky because the game is so good nitpicking is all I can do: The light "eats" input, and eating input tends to feel bad for players. What I mean is that if your drawn line touches the light by even a pixel, the line is never drawn at all! Maybe adjusting that mechanic somehow, for example by letting the portion of the line outside the light materialize, would have prevented some minor frustrations for me. If you deem that to decrease the light's challenge too much, consider having some adverse effect instead, like the line instantly burning away from the point that touches the light. (My suggestions are just that - suggestions - the real feedback is in the sometimes surprising and frustrating negation of input) The visuals of the main character are well made but they don't "pop" conceptually, in my opinion. Compare with Madeleine's flowing hair or Meat Boy's... meatiness. This is super subjective, but might be something to consider! Meanwhile, I love the design of "the darkness". The foundation is very very good mechanically, but don't get complacent about iterating on the controls! In a game like this, no improvement to the controls is too tiny to be worth making. It's not yet perfect, but in an extremely good spot considering the development time. All in all, a fantastic showing! Apparently Ulf is going to scour these things for quotable stuff for the awards so I'll go off script and provide some artistic renditions below since this game will 100% win something (and if Ulf was looking for something more down-to-earth, well, uh... oops!): With a heart of darkness and a bright yellow cap, Amelite rides the line between frustration and satisfaction, but always lands on the right side. The game is a canvas, but care be, whether that's a blessing or a curse is up to you. Remember that "sel est la vie", and if you feel like giving up: don't go into the light.
  • Superb game all around, excellent work! This was just really fun and the game mechanic is quite innovative. It was challenging without being too frustrating, and it was actually fun trying to learn to use it well. Bravo!

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I was surprised to see such a "hard" game in the competition! I'm a big fan of difficulty in videogames, I always like a challenge, and most developers are afraid of rejection towards their game if it becomes too hard,  so props for delving into that!

The game was vibrant all the way through, very consistent art style, and magnificent level design. I played Kirby Canvas Curse when I was younger, and I've seen Celeste multiple times, so I was familiar with the concepts. The autoscroller towards the end was tough but fair, it's by far my favourite level.

My pet peeve for this game is the wall-jumping. My instinct was to press the directional key away from the wall before jumping, but that made the character un-cling a bit too fast for my taste, which resulted in me plummetting to my death several times. I also thought it was a bit inconsistent to grab a ledge and jump upwards instead of away from the wall. There was several instances where I wanted to do one thing and ended up doing the other one, once again resulting in gruesome deaths.

Other than that, I had a lot of fun playing. Every level was thought out, and I had to switch from good platforming to good "ink" management, to both at once. Other people have said this as well, but this feels like a finished game too, not just a vertical slice. Congratulations!


Thank you so much for your kind words! The team has been working super hard, and it's incredible to see that it really paid off! 

Just like you mentioned with the wall-jumping, we want to do some more rework with it to really make it feel responsive and fair. We're not planning to stop developing this game just yet, so stay tuned for more updates! 


Love it! what more can I say.


Thank you! What more can we ask for.

Jam Judge(+2)

Ex-freaking-ceptional game!

I'll leave some more comments in the jury feedback form (which by the look of things will become visible towards the end of GGC).

Here's a link to the playthrough I mentioned!


Thank you so much, and it was really fun to have you by our carpet in gather! You gave us some great feedback and your kind words meant a lot! 

Your playthrough was really impressive and fun to watch! You currently have the record time for first time playthrough. Maybe the next step is beating the all time player record at 6:40?


Played the game to completion. Left more exhaustive feedback on the form but the short of it is I really enjoyed it. Part of me is hoping that you might expand on this game in some fashion.


Thank you so much for your kind words and the amazing feedback you left in the survey! It was a great read, and the guy that made level 9 sends his love <3


I am blown away by this game! As a huge fan of celeste I can see the inspiration! The character art, animation, and sounds fit perfectly and the whole thing was just a blast to play. There were some rooms that took me too long to do, but it felt so rewarding when I finally mastered them.

This one left me wanting so much more. Really impressive guys!


Thank you so much for your kind words! The team is really happy with how it turned out, and we're super exited to hear that you seem to like it as much as we do! 

Jam Judge(+2)

This was super fun, if also super frustrating! Had a great time with it. 

The music fits the game really well, and the minimal sounds. And being able to draw the little platforms at an angle is a really nice touch. 

One note, there is a bug if you are playing inside the page (i.e. don't fullscreen) and then accidentally hit the 'go fullscreen' button the controls somehow go weird - for me, it was both a and d would run to the right. If you escape out to windowed it works correctly again.


Thank you so much for playing our game, and we're really happy to hear that you enjoyed it! 

Great of you to inform us about the bug, we'll look into it and see if we can figure out what's causing the problem!