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There is only one way out. To find it, head yourself to the center.
Submitted by Ptafix — 14 hours, 56 minutes before the deadline
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Godot Version

Game Description
You are trapped in a labyrinth and there is only one way out... if you can find it.

Use the arrows, wasd or zqsd keys to move and interact with the world.

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Ah man, at first I was really frustrated - like how big is this? But then I kept wandering, I became determined to find the center. I really liked the four corner design, it helped you know when you reached an edge. After about 5-10 min of looking, I found the center... only to be killed immediately. Rage quit there. A lot of fun. I actually enjoyed my experience, even if I didn't kill the beast.

Host (1 edit)

Opening Comments:

Well, I played this game way longer than I was planning to.

Disclaimer: I played the browser version only.

Theme: 5/5

Love the concept of navigating a maze and trying to find the center.  I think it's rock solid theme-wise.

Design: 4/5

The level was well designed and easy to navigate. I did get lost a handful of times.

Audio: 2/5

I think more ambient noise (footsteps, a soft chunk when running into the wall) and an overall track for the game would have made this soooo immersive. It's still good without those, but a few audio things here would have really topped it off in my opinion.

Gameplay: 3.5/5

It was unclear what I was supposed to do once I made it to the center/creature. The first time I died (?), the game reset. The second time, I dodged and picked up the spear. But, when I ran to the creature after it hit a wall, nothing happened. So, I ran away from the creature, and as it followed me, the game paused/crashed. :(

Originality: 4/5

Really good use of the lighting and is it raycasting here? I love that there's no map, and you're stuck wandering. Simple concept but well executed. Good job!


Hey, thanks for the feedback. I know I really should work on the audio as it could add so much.

For the gameplay, you were indeed supposed to collide with the creature when it was stunned to kill it and open the exit. I don't really know how I could have made this more clear though, so if you have any suggestion I'm all ears.

As for the bug you encountered, that is unfortunate, I'm not sure what could have caused that, but in my experience the html5 seems buggier than the other versions and after trying to recreate your bug it does not seem to malfunction on my end.

On your last point, it indeed is all lighting and a shader to hide things. As for raycasting I avoided it because I couldn't get it to ignore part of the tilemap and have instead used a line supercover algorithm to check if the player could be entirely seen or not.

I can upload the code if people are interested, but I can't guarantee its quality.