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Exclusive jam?

A topic by innomin created 66 days ago Views: 146 Replies: 3
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Hi, I'm wondering what that exclusive requirement in the rules means. Is it only necessary that the game is made in Godot, or is there some community here that I'm not aware of, and cannot join? The statement that games "will be removed unless otherwise allowed by the organizers" makes me think that I need permission to join, and this jam isn't open to the entire Godot community per se. But everything else on the page seems to be welcoming of Godot newbies, so I'm a bit confused.


no it just mean that you cannot submit your game into 2 jams, it will be exclusive to this one

Ah, thank you, I misunderstood the language but it's clear to me now. If you add a single game to multiple jams it will be removed here (so it isn't games added to multiple jams hosted by these organizers, as I originally thought).

Since this timeline conflicts with the Climate Change Jam I'll probably have to sit this out then, which is a shame because the themes would have been perfectly compatible with that one. Oh well, I'll catch you guys in the next one.


you can always ask to the organizers for your game