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A jam entry

Samurai DualView game page »

Wave-based flashy action game created for the first gmtk game jam.
Submitted by narfolomew

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Your only source of movement is also your only attack
You have 2 charges. Dashing or getting hit removes a charge.
If you have no charges, you cannot dash and taking another hit kills you.
Charges replenish when hitting an enemy or after a 2 second delay.
Two enemy types, each with a tougher second form encountered in later waves.

Third-party resources
snap.svg: https://github.com/adobe-webplatform/Snap.svg
require.js: https://github.com/requirejs/requirejs
bezier-easing: https://github.com/gre/bezier-easing

David Brown

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I liked it. It feels great to wipe out a lot of enemies with a quick succession of dashes. It's great when a simple mechanic allows for such "combos" to occur naturally (as opposed to being added as separate system).


There's a bug when you restart the game where enemies don't always completely go away and become spooky ghosts, so you may want to refresh the page when you die instead.