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But First, CoffeeView game page

Just fetch us some coffee, how hard can it be?
Submitted by Team Banks (@kylewbanks) — 7 hours, 57 minutes before the deadline
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How does your game fit the theme?
You play as an intern on a coffee run who keeps forgetting how to control their arms.

Did your team create the art for this game during the 48 hour time slot?


We created all art during the game jam

Did your team create the audio for this game during the 48 hour time slot?


We used pre-existing audio

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I had a lot of fun & it's really silly, perfect for the out-of-controlness of it all. I really like how the environment suddenly morphed, too. The controls were especially fun and simple, my one complaint however is I wish the controls stuck to only letters, I kept losing trying to find brackets & such, but that might just be me. Feels almost like a Mavis Beacon type of minigame. Great job!


Good Job! Keep it up!


The polish is good, the game play is simple but fun, keeps you on your uncontrollable arms.


I really loved the Coffee and Baguette physics simulation! 100% the thing most games are lacking!

Seriously, a fun aesthetic, the music is great (although you didn't make it) and the visual of the band is a nice touch, and the stands are very nice looking and the environment looks decent as well. 

Unfortunately it is technically just a "press the button" kind of game, but it's a fun take on it and with a little tweaking could be really great!


Simple but really fun, different and neatly realised. The idea is great and the mechanics of balancing the tray are really well done. Love it!


Thanks for taking the time to play and review!

Amazing 'level complete' sequence! Very fun!


That's our favorite part, thanks for noticing!

Love this idea ,could be a great mobile game if turn down the difficulty a bit 


Thanks! We like the idea of playing on mobile as well. The controls would of course need to change, we were thinking some onscreen A/B/X/Y style buttons to randomize between.

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The game is quite original and fun :+1:
I would be glad to see the game more dynamic and to have better graphics

By the way, when playing with an AZERTY keyboard, keys like ' or \ did not work :(


Thanks! That's interesting about the AZERTY keyboard 🤔

This game is pure genius! I love the humor and I love the idea! This could be an absolute hit if it's polished up a bit! My only recommendations would be to limit the keys that you have to press to something sliiiightly more manageable; Maybe only use ones that won't be confused with others like 0 and O. As well, make sure after the game starts you can always move both arms individually. My tray was tipped to the left when both keys switched to 6's and I couldn't level it again. If it were played with a console controller I think that would give it the right amount of options and challenge. Give it a style like Overcooked and you'll break the bank! :)


Thanks so much for the kind review, and helpful feedback. The 0 and O conundrum is a great catch!


The Funny:
First I must get my coffee!!!!
Alright now that I have it I will say the intern was very clumsy and kept dropping it and gave me a random baguette!

The Review:

I will say this game was really fun to play, the music sounds and even the win screen all just make this an enjoyable game!


Thanks for playing! The win screen and music are our favorite parts as well