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For transparency---- I updated my game (It now works the same for higher end PCs!)

A topic by Brad Kraeling created Jul 28, 2019 Views: 92
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Hey y'all! After playtesting my game on different machine types I realized that higher-end PCs ran the movement MUCH slower than intended- moving the ship was like moving a rock and it wasn't fun.  As it turns out I was using Time.deltaTime in my update method to calculate movement instead of using what I needed to be using, Time.fixedDeltaTime. I changed this in the update so higher end PCs will now experience the same quality as toaster PCs (I never thought I'd say that...) I wanted to post here just for full transparency and to say if you played my game with a beast PC and thought everything was slow and boring replaying it now would be more fun. haha. I also wanted to post this because it might help out other people here remember to make sure to use the right Time.______ variable depending on what you need it to do. Thanks!