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Push Boxes. Solve Puzzles. Repeat.
Submitted by Steven Miller (@stevenjmiller37) — 19 hours, 32 minutes before the deadline
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Give a brief description of your game:
Push boxes onto the red outlines and get to the goal.

After a certain amount of moves, an echo will spawn, doing as you have done before. If something blocks their path, you cannot continue. However, they will push boxes. Plan ahead. Use them to your advantage.

What controls do you need to use?
WASD or Arrow keys to move, Z to undo, R to reset, and P to skip levels. Other keys, such as space and escape, are used to advance dialogue and exit. The mouse also works for menus.

How did you bring the theme of Time into your entry?
The puzzles revolve around "echoes" of the player that are still performing past movements.

What was the most interesting part about making the game?
Getting the undo button to function properly for all of the echoes was very interesting.

Anything else to add?
Feel free to take a look at the game page! I think it looks nice.

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Super lovely puzzler! I included it in my Games Plus Jam compilation video series, if you’d like to check it out. :)


A well deserved first place for the Games Plus Jam, congratulations! Your puzzle games never tend to disappoint me - I'm always finding myself pondering about some of the riddles you give to us as players. Especially this time, because the 'time clones' mechanic forced me to really think about my next move; I can't just press the buttons wildly and hope that I might find the solution. You really got some great puzzle design skills! That's also the reason why I wrote an article about "Predetermined" and made a little gameplay video of it. :) Maybe it's interesting for some potential players. Anyway, I can't wait to see new stuff made by you!

Best wishes,


At first I thought this would be another repetetive game about pushing crates, but I got really beautifully surprised. The main mechanic is simple yet very cool. The levels were overly challenging, I couldn't get past the 13th level. The art, atmosphere and story contemplate the mechanic. I think this would make a very cool full game.

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

really like its simplicity and challenge


The artwork was beautifully simple, I loved the calming atmosphere with the music. I am a man of few words overall an excellent game. Great Job!


I am in awe on how you could make this beautiful thing in less than 72 hours. I had a bunch of Eureka moments, and I am not even sure if most of the solutions are unique. While sometimes I tried to use the mechanics to help me, other times I was trying to make my way around it in some weird movements.
It reminded me of the clone puzzles in the Talos Principle, except that you made it much more interesting.



Never has a game's mechanics so successfully communicated and conveyed self-hatred, claustrophobia, and futile despair. The mechanics are so brilliantly artful that I honestly felt like the text between levels was unnecessary; they didn't add anything thematically that the mechanics didn't already portray stronger. 

Otherwise, this is a frustratingly beautiful work of art. It made me thoroughly hate myself. Thank you.