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A downloadable game for Windows.
Surviving is one thing, evolving is another thing entirely. In fact, you cannot do it by yourself. Can you rise to the challenge of ensuring that LUCA’s descendants thrives? Or rather, the better question is how long can you sustain any g...
DuckDuckGoose published a game 150 days ago
A downloadable game.
Collecte power nodes while avoiding data loss as you speed throught the cable conection to deliver your data. Made for the GamejamBattle 2019 by: Hugo Stindel Pierre Cudennec Marie-Claude Richer Felix Gagne Neha Patel Won the "Coup de coeu...
AtlanticEdge published a game 150 days ago
A downloadable game for Windows.
The aliens are invading! Play with a friend to vainquish the enemies and save the city! Both of you will control the same robot, communication and coordination will be needed. This project was made for the Game Jam Battle 2019. (Support Xbo...
A downloadable game.
Humans are more connected to their concrete than nature! We must spread nature into their cities! You are the chosen mushroom incarnation. Connect the human cities with Mother Nature.
Raphael_BR published a game 150 days ago
A downloadable game for Windows.
In Grapnel Spring, use the power of your ultimate magic grappling crossbow to beat some levels. Link objects between each other and watch them run into each other.