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Streaming Tips

A topic by Comicman1231 created Dec 21, 2017 Views: 127 Replies: 2
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Stream the way you want to stream, just don't have anything on that can get you banned on twitch. Always engage with your audience, a streamer that interacts with their audience is a great one! Be sure to also have a decent looking stream so that your viewers can tell what's going on, or just explain in detail if you don't have a very good PC. Happy streaming!


I'd like to add: Don't worry bout numbers, just have a good time and you'll be fine :)

For all the folks that asked about streaming and would like to stream but have no idea how stuff works or are afraid to ask for help or whatever the reason might be, even i found some usefull tips in there, this is a very thorough and good course for OBS studio, it is 5 and half hour long but its worth to get thru it, recommend to watch! Personaly i would add some more things to spirit of streaming: Dont let the numbers put you down at any point, hide them if possible or just dont look, its just numbers, what is important is chat. Be interactive with people that come by and start talking and always be yourself.