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Dark WoodsView game page

Lost soul trapped in the Dark Woods between worlds, will you be predator or prey?
Submitted by Void Director — 2 days, 18 hours before the deadline
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How does your game interpret the theme?
You can choose different morphs with different stats and abilities. The enemies also use these forms and you must counter them.

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Played only the mobile version, as I cannot accept executables on my development PC. (My machine is like the customs of Australia. Nothing comes through. xD)

Music - Epic and foreboding, very movie-like, atmospheric. = Great!

Sounds - Quite dark and horror-like. I enjoyed it. The screeching of creatures (bats etc?) was a bit too loud compared to the other sounds.

Graphics / Art - Quite awesome sprites and color usage. Had an issue inside belly with all the lit up particles. That slowed down my mobile experience to like 10 fps. Possibly if the lights were disabled, it'd run smoothly. 

Gameplay - In addition to the 10 fps, I had no idea what to do inside the belly. Is that a game over already, as it asks me to pick a new beginner-form? I could only find big beasties on my playthrough, so I couldn't advance much. I only managed to defeat like 1-2 opponents, after I caught them by running after them. Fun chase mechanics though!

The vore didn't fortunately seem very detailed in this version, as it's not my favorite thing, but in the way it was presented now it was okay and an interesting concept over all.

Thanks for the mobile version! (inspired by me? ;D)

Developer (3 edits)

Thanks for the feedback. 

I was a bit worried that the lighting effects might be too much on mobile. It works on my Pixel but probably won't work on a lot of phones. I will disable the lights attached to each projectile and just increase the background lighting on that scene when its played on mobile.

The objective in the belly section is just to reach the edge, which leads to you re-spawning as a new morph. You lose one essence (the resource you use to evolve) each time a projectile hits you. But you don't lose the game (there is currently no way to actually lose). If you have a higher tier morph you will retain it after re-spawning.

I will be sure to tone down the bat noises (its just the noise I use whenever any morph takes damage, its not really appropriate for all types, but I didn't have sound assets for all of them).

And yes, your mobile version was part of the reason I decided to do it. I also wanted to know how hard it would be to do on screen controls. It turns out to be pretty simple with the new input system (which I have been using in all my projects). The hardest part was moving things around to make room (eg the minimap had to move) and getting resolution scaling right.