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Welcome to the first Furry Game Jam hosted by the Furry Game Dev discord server!

The theme is "Differences" ! Interpret that however you want. Could be differences between species, asymmetrical gameplay, visual differences, etc.


  •  All games should follow the theme.
  •  All games should loosely have animals in them (anthropomorphic or otherwise). Even a human/circle/signpost with a tail and ears qualifies.
  •  The majority of your game should be built during the jam.
  •  If you use any assets you didn't make please make sure you have the rights to use it and list the creators in the credits.
  •  100 hours. Late submissions will be considered for dire circumstances but few exceptions will be made. 
  • Teams are allowed! 
  • Any engines are allowed, text only is allowed (like a game made in Twine).
  • Please include appropriate warnings for the content (NSFW, Sensitive Topics, Jump Scares, etc)

If you want to discuss the game jam, get help, or organize a team feel free to join our Discord

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Lost soul trapped in the Dark Woods between worlds, will you be predator or prey?
Short game about a duck tape
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