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jam spam Sticky

A topic by cloverfirefly created Jun 23, 2019 Views: 100 Replies: 2
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Jam HostSubmitted

Hi all,

Since there's no way to communicate privately via, games that do not appear to be within the scope or meet the rules of the jam will be removed from the game jam without comment.  Please do not resubmit them to the jam.

If you're concerned about your game being removed, please say how your game is related to friendship in the description!


cloverfirefly & npckc

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Hi, can we update the game after the jam? (we can leave the jam version available,too)

Jam HostSubmitted

Unfinished games are okay.  And updating your game after the jam ends is also okay!  It's up to you if you want to leave the jam version up on the page.