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A short story about the Faroese folklore Huldufólk
A horror journaling experience.
Washington Irving inspired microgame adapted from Jason Tocci's 24XX
Witches having a safe place to be themselves
Whatever you do, keep moving. [A short horror visual novel]
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There is something lurking in the shadows
a folk monster story game
Tarot based Arthurian fantasy
Eight Approaches To "Self Control"
a setting playbook for Unincorporated
A 4-minute horror experience.
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a Twilight Song playset of pastoral weird horror
#horror #short #atmospheric
a digital storytelling game for people who are closer to urban horrors than they think
They say a demon lurks in Blackhill's town cemetery.
A narrative-based game about galician mythology told by the fireside.
a chain email writing game with terrible prizes
all stories are ghost stories
A Shared Narrative for 2 players about Transformations and Magical Girls
Making the best of a bad situation.
True Fact: No-one was ever hurt by a little bit of body-snatching.
Waterfall dwelling spider-people farmers with a taste for human flesh
A 1 player game about being alone in a room.
Randomly Generated Folk Horror Adventures
A TTRPG about urban folklore and telling horror stories around the dark eternal highways.
It's getting dark early... but that's why we're here.
A Storytelling Game of Appalachian Terror
A Storygame Exploring the Power That Lurks in Words of Wisdom
A true tale coming from deep in Appalachia ghost county.
Dark forest setting for Murderous Ghosts
A short horror game about being stuck on Devil's Lake.
There is an old adage: When you hear hoofbeats, think horses. However that piece of advice does not always hold true.
Interactive Fiction
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