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A jam submission

Portal PassageView game page

Traverse Portals to reach new Places!
Submitted by WistfulFlame
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Portal Passage's page

Theme inspiration
We interpreted Passage as physical movement between corridors. This manifested itself for us as movement through portals to alternate elemental dimensions

Sensory info

Content info

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The graphics are really great, did you draw this?

A small advice you should avoid calling afile like beta_1 or game etc, just put the name of your game, it is super useful when we try several jam games ;) Also some sounds were a bit too loud, you could fill that information in 'sensory info'.


Thanks for the feedback. Right, sensory info. I try to allow sound adjustment in the Options screen, but there was definitely some lack of balance with the different sound assets.
We created animations using some pre-existing art assets, and made some edits to color and lighting.

It looks great! but... there's no real game play for me, also character movement is super slow.