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Put a stop to an anomalous time loop inside a sorcerer's fortress.
Submitted by Eric Krauss — 55 minutes, 8 seconds before the deadline
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The dungeon is a cycle of getting stronger and then descending further.
Clearing each floor is a cycle of exploring, time-looping, and executing a route
Combat itself is a cycle of melee -> magic -> melee

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Just so you know, the more information tab on the game page is not an obvious place for game instructions. If someone doesn't think to look there and doesn't have a controller on hand, they're just kinda stuck. Your instructions in-game don't help either, since they only apply to the device that wouldn't have been mentioned as required until after those very instructions.


I'm sorry to hear that you went through the trouble of downloading it without knowing that it requires a controller.  I hope that maybe you'll be able to revisit later with the right hardware.

But, by the more information page, are you referring to the actual game page?  I was under the impression that this submission page is more of a short blurb for the contest runners' sake.  It doesn't even have a form on it for instructions after all.   As to the actual game page, the controller requirement is actually before the "more information" cutoff, so I am unsure of what you are recommending that I change.

If you are able to play it later, I do hope you'll pass on your feedback!

Ah. I see. I was referring to the "Inputs" field. I didn't notice the earlier mention, because that paragraph begins with information on how long the game is and what's included. Still, the point I was trying to get across is that it's not good software design to allow your user to be stuck in fullscreen with no controls, even if it's partially their own fault. Relying on alt-tab or alt-F4 means you're expecting users you've never met to have arbitrary amounts of knowledge about their OS.


Now that's a solid point.  I'll definitely take that into account.  Thanks very much