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Oh Worm!View game page

Worm Simulator 2019
Submitted by Edo/Laz (@malfubabbu) — 1 hour, 42 minutes before the deadline
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It was gonna be a game about food cycles, but it ended up as just a worm simulator.

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This might be the weirdest comment you get on your game, but I found the way the leaves pushed other leaves to the side when they spawned in weirdly compelling. I'd leave bunches of leaves in one area in the hope that one would spawn in over there and push them around. I also liked the CRT TV-ish effect on the game.


Thanks! I am gonna be honest, there was a time where I had to resize the board, which screwed up the physics a bit, so I spent a good chunk of time making sure that the way leaves pushed other leaves to the side stayed intact..

In regards to the effects, I think it was just funny to have like, a little excessive effects on the game.. and I tried to kinda make it look CRT-ish, but I don't know how much I made that happen! Haha!

Thanks again for your comment!


Love it! Cute music, graphics, and sound effects - only got to 200 leaves but oddly satisfying 


Thank you!! I wish I had gotten further with my original concept, but I'm glad I just ended up polishing.... worm...