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(Project Size?)

A topic by Strung Up Starlight created Jun 25, 2018 Views: 85 Replies: 2
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(Sorry to be a bother, but I still need help. is saying that my RPG Maker MV project is too big, but I need all of the original files to be present, or else the plug-ins I used will not work. I'm on a Mac. Is there something I can do to narrow the project size down? Is something like 7-zip an option? I'm currently looking into deleting the M4As and using TinyPNG, but would be interested to know if there's anything else available. Obviously I'm short of time, so any help will be useful. Thank you!)

Jam Host

Yes zipping the files should work! (I think?)


(Awesome, thank you! I managed to upload the Mac download, but I'm having issues with the Windows one. I may just create another page and link it to the actual submission.)