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[Devlog] Silvestre

A topic by FrowsyFrog created Oct 01, 2020 Views: 89 Replies: 2
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Now it's a goal!

Hey, I'm FrowsyFrog, a newbie developer from Peru! I've been developing a game called Silvestre for 5 months. I think college, projects, or some other kind of distraction has delayed me in finishing this game. However, this Devtober I want to achieve it, that's my main goal. Publish and sell my first indie game... Or at least have a demo.

How the project started?

Silvestre is a project that I started with my girlfriend 5 months ago. We wanted to make a game in a weekend but... Something happened. I fell in love with the project and wanted to add more and more mechanics :D . 

What is Silvestre about?

Silvestre is a 2D game in which you can only move during the day. Craft all the things that you can until the night comes and the monsters arrive! Survive snakes, bears, mosquitoes, bats, a fox that can be your friend, storms, gnomes attacks, and more as far as you can!

Some of the things that you can do: 

  • Crafting items and your fort!
  • Fishing and cutting down trees! You can also plant trees :DD
  • A recipe book! You will be able to know what items you can craft >:3
  • Achievement unlocking! :DD

The idea of Silvestre came from some games like Sit 'n Survive and Little Alchemy! I love the idea from Sit 'n Survive of not being able to move at the night! Hehehe...

What will I do this Devtober?

Well, the game is not finished yet... This is a list of the things I need to do to publish the game or a demo this DevTober...

  • Improve graphics and sprites. 
  • Add music and sound effects,
  • Add the mechanic of being able to personalize your character :DD (I'm not sure if I'll have enough time to do this... But it's a future goal).

And well, I know it's not an S+, but I'm proud of the progress of the project! I'll be constantly posting updates! Thank you very much! Good Jam for everyone and good luck! 

Gameplay (It's in spanish ,:D)

Crafting a scarecrow


Cutting down a tree and fishing

The Recipe Book

And finally the achievements

Cool UI