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Houseplant QuestView game page

A casual game about growing houseplants.
Submitted by Dragonite (@DragoniteSpam) — 11 hours, 16 minutes before the deadline
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i am not a man of planting but the great music and messing around gave me a good experience,my feedbacks: idea what i have done but i somehow broke the 300% water limit?

2.a QoL where the player can scroll thr the quest text on his own would be nice for impatient people like me 

3.playing at 1080p and the transition screen doesnt fully cover the screen

4.maybe a way to skip multiple days would be nice too

5. i repoted and properly watered the dracaena for around 2 months but the plant stayed a stage 1 and i couldnt continue the quest so i decided  to end the game at this point(maybe i am too impatient)

6. (iirc) i changed ui scale setting  and show plant stats and now my aim wont stop automatically raising up,switching to fullscreen stopped it

7.the quit to title button doenst work


Very in-depth, thanks.

  1. There isn’t a water limit anywhere, although it probably wouldn’t be a bad idea to have one. Is there text in the game anywhere that said there is?

  2. Not a bad idea, I’ll look at adding that for the next one

  3. Lol, whoops

  4. I thought about allowing people to click on a calendar date and “skip to this day,” but I don’t want people to accidentally skip too far ahead and cause plant values to drop farther than they wanted - but if enough people bring it up I’ll see about ways to speed it up. I might reduce the amount of time you have to wait for plants to grow, at least for the early-game ones.

  5. I’ve seen a few people complain about this, it’s never happened to me but I’ll see if I can find out where it’s coming from.

  6. I can’t get that to happen - but I think I know why it might be, so I’ll try to throw in a simple fix for that next time

  7. Yeah I’ll implement that eventually, I wanted to have the entire save/load system and all of that stuff in place for demo day but there wasn’t enough time


1.iirc no


Cute game!It took me a bit to understand how to buy new plants. Not sure if it was covered by the tutorial and I missed it or if it wasn't there at all.
Another thing I noticed is that sometimes I fulfilled an order but the plants didn't leave the shelf, duplicating the amounts of plants I had (1 that "fulfilled" the order and the one on the shelf).

It would also add to have some indication of the level of growth of the plant as it is not always apparent.


I’ve never seen it bug out like that before, would you be able to record a video of it or something like that?

Anyway, thanks! The UI is definitely still a work in progress, though. Still deciding what the best way to organize a lot of the information is.