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Late submissions (kinda)

A topic by Gushi created Oct 28, 2018 Views: 143 Replies: 3
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Hey, I entered the Jam and managed to post the game page as well as a few screenshots, however I didn't notice until now that I didn't upload the files to the page. Is it okay if I add the files now or am I disqualified? I do have the game files, and I finished before the date I just need to upload them.

I'm having a similar issue, this jam seems pretty relaxed so hopefully it's no big deal. 


I changed my mind and removed my submission, tbh for me it wasn't worth the trouble so I'm going to enter the game into another Jam that's still active and hopefully it'll get accepted. 


I had a trouble with my "english" version of the game : the only version displayed was the french one. So I've uploaded an english version this morning, for people who want badly to understand the little few texts, displayed only at the beginning of the game. Nothing in the main game have been changed, and I let the original "french" version file for the players who want to compare with the "new" one.