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a Cure Light Wounds interlude
2 doctors in 1 body. Complicated collaborations. Risky medicine.
A game about exploring the Book of Life & Death, volume 2, as an healer adventurer
Four spells from Dungeons & Dragons, given a poetic once-over. #CureLightWoundsJam
A Cure Light Wounds Jam rpg about healing and discovery.
An addition to the spell
Here is a good place to remind you that the root of the word cure was "to care."
Retreat to an area with plant life. Thank it for its aid.
a roleplaying game plugin for healing scenes
Play to learn how to heal a follower, and see whether you can.
An interactive guide/description for #CureLightWoundsJam
[Cure Light Wounds Jam] A Short Game About The Risks Of Healing Without Communicating
A spell you should cast more often!
A #CureLightWoundsJam choose-your-own-adventure.
Submission for the #CureLightWoundsJam
A #CureLightWoundsJam game about pain, hardship, disability, and consent, played with a Jenga tower.
A #CureLightWoundsJam game
Recovered logs in advanced healing techniques titled REBINDING
a spell for healing your enemy
A #CureLightWoundsJam game of divine and mundane love
Application and consent form for casting cure light wounds
Simple instructions for a paladin and their wounded companion