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See this link for context, not that you needed any

The prompt is simple: create a game that takes place entirely inside the skill roll of one Cure Light Wounds spell in Dungeons and Dragons. That's all. If you need more than that, look in the forum. Otherwise, you have until next Thursday.

Please be kind to each other. Mostly it's the usual stuff-- definitely don't promote racism, sexism, homophobia, colorism, fascism, truscummery, et cetera, and definitely use content warnings. Extra important for this jam specifically: take special care to not be ableist-- in particular, examine what you're saying about the beings whose light wounds are being cured. 

Use the hashtag #CureLightWoundsJam! And feel free to tag me, @bigstuffedcat, but there's no obligation.


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2 doctors in 1 body. Complicated collaborations. Risky medicine.
A game about exploring the Book of Life & Death, volume 2, as an healer adventurer
Four spells from Dungeons & Dragons, given a poetic once-over. #CureLightWoundsJam
An addition to the spell
a Cure Light Wounds interlude
Here is a good place to remind you that the root of the word cure was "to care."
a roleplaying game plugin for healing scenes
A Cure Light Wounds Jam rpg about healing and discovery for 1 or more players.
[Cure Light Wounds Jam] A Short Game About The Risks Of Healing Without Communicating
Retreat to an area with plant life. Thank it for its aid.
Play to learn how to heal a follower, and see whether you can.
A #CureLightWoundsJam game
An interactive guide/description for #CureLightWoundsJam
A #CureLightWoundsJam choose-your-own-adventure.
A spell you should cast more often!
Submission for the #CureLightWoundsJam
A #CureLightWoundsJam game about pain, hardship, disability, and consent, played with a Jenga tower.
A #CureLightWoundsJam game of divine and mundane love
a spell for healing your enemy
Simple instructions for a paladin and their wounded companion
Application and consent form for casting cure light wounds