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number 37 ???

A topic by BLAST ANNUAL RETRO BOOK created Nov 19, 2021 Views: 118 Replies: 2
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What was the 37th ranked game? 37 games submitted but only 36 games have been given rankings ??? 

Jam Host

Hello! The 37th game that does not appear in the ranking is AMSTRED. It is an amazing game that probably would have scored well, but sadly, it has broken several important rules of the contest due to lack of time. 

Ronaldo explains the reasons in detail in this post

We are very sorry, but that's why it had to be disqualified. There was no other option.

Although, of course, KrakenDev is invited to participate in next year's edition. He is clearly a great dev and we would love to see him continue contribuing content to CPC!

Many thanks bro.

Another question for you.

Where can I find out the votes awarded by the judges?

Every year at the awards ceremony you see a judges votes tally and a graphic with a full list / table of results but I don't see it here?

Do you know where i can locate this?

Many thanks for your help.