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a roleplaying game about explaining things to your grandpa
In a post-apocalyptic world with a dying sun, exchange digital letters in the hopes of ensuring your survival.
roll to censor your letters. communicate anyway.
conversations long forgotten, long unread
A letter writing game about being witnesses to a murder.
a game for two players, one of whom is a dog
a digital dating-horror game for people who love the moon a little too much
A letter writing game about embracing death and celebrating life.
Role Playing
A game of academic squabbles for two or more players
An epistolary game about queer friendship after the apocalypse
an asynchronous correspondence horror game about loneliness for two spacefarers
a 2-player play-by-audio game where you are same character, in parallel worlds
an epistolary game about filling in the blanks
lonely angels helping lonely travellers
a game about space pen pals and postal loopholes
An epistolary game for three players
The Token-Trading, Map-Making Game of Fantastic One-Upsmanship
A cooperative letter writing and Tarot collection game for two players
art deck on speakin to your inner child
a two-player epistolary Spindlewheel game of love, loneliness and loss in deep space
a postcard to close the distance in between with idle talk.
A chain letter game about cooking and consequences
a two-player game about mutual pining, being apart, and writing love letters that you’ll never send
A Game About Love, AI, and Revolution
a letter-writing game about pen pals.
imagine that you could talk to your dearly departed once more through handwritten notes?
Letters reveal what Art cannot.
a letter-writing game about searching for connection and the impossibility of filling in archival absences
a letter writing game about what DOESN'T get sent
a mounting argument told through ill-timed letters
A solitary game about interpretation
a game about, isolation, lack of control, an inhumane system, and hanging on to a connection amidst it all
a four-player GM-less game about coming of age and changing friendships
Two childhood friends reconnect after their lives have taken them in different directions.
Explore and create an animal community via 5 letters neighbors send to each other.
Dueling to the death is way easier now!
A game about writing greeting cards to people you don't like very much.
rpg table top ttrpg epistolary letter friends story seasons table write
Write the messages you wish you'd gotten.
An epistolary game about friendship and adventure games
Your means of connection has been reduced to letters which you must entrust to ‘the system.’
A letter writing game about two paladins who are far apart.
A 2 player TTRPG about struggling to find connection in the face of isolation
A two-player game for weather-crossed soulmates
Role Playing
a game about writing postcards and leaving things on bad terms
An analogue correspondence RPG about making connections in a dystopian world
A game for those separated by distance, time, or both
The game of time traveling letter writing.
2-player rpg about two observers isolated in space
a game about undeserved gratitude & unspoken sympathy
Letters are bad.
Interactive Fiction
A game to play with your cat & a suitcase!
a game about fanfiction comments
jeu épistolaire
A mashup of Dr. Seuss and Generation Kill
tragic epistolary naval ghost romance. 2-player, play-by-post
3 player epistolary mech ttrpg
a hacking kit for Beyond Reach
a duet writing game of ritual, intimacy, and distance
a one to two player game about meeting your destiny on the road
Write a letter to a dead superhero
Role Playing
An epistolary game of office politics and eldritch horror
A writing game about vengeance, secrets and investigations.