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Update on jam voting period settings (extended + now updates are unlocked)

A topic by Adventuron created 55 days ago Views: 34
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Hello authors,

We had a number of late entries, and no new games can be entered in the jam. There are 11, and there will stay 11.

I have had a change of heart with the rules about the voting period though.

The voting period has now been extended by an extra week. This is to give enough time for authors to promote their games, and to get enough general playthroughs.

I've also unlocked updates for games. You can update your game now, even during this phase. originally, it was locked down, but it appears that several games have some game breaking bugs, and given that this is a jam that is open and welcoming to beginners, it seems a shame for them not to fix these issues.

As it's difficult to police the rules here, I'll just say that even though, in spirit this is unlocked to allow bugfixes, if you want to add content, then that is open too.

I'm new to running jams, and I think in a future jam, I'll change this to be the default policy.

Those games makers that are very seasoned I'm sure will not mind allowing those less seasoned to finish off during this phase.