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Adventuron Updated

A topic by Adventuron created 59 days ago Views: 23
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A few changes have been made to Adventuron:

  • Fixed ALL command iterating over scenery.
  • Fixed not being able to DROP held objects.
  • Added Plotter Bold Font to Adventuron (by Damien Guard).
  • Can now reference boolean and integers in the string reference notation.
   candles : integer "5";
locations {
   // Previously did not work
   birthday_room : room "You are in a room with {candles} candles.";
  • Added system command THEME 1 .. 5, which will apply system themes at runtime.
  • Many fixes to Presentation Mode 2.
  • Disabled Beepbox as no-one was using it, and MP3 is easier.
  • Column based scaling is now used as standard for games that do not define a content width for images.
  • Slightly higher default text density on mobile (10%).
  • Internal changes.

Make sure if you have graphics to :

mytheme : theme {
   screen {
      #256 is the horizontal pixels of your location images
      content_width = 256

Setting this value will (should) make sure that Adventuron is scaling your images pixel perfect.

This release also has an update to the format for themes. The editor is aware of this and should update your code automatically (moves around a few items and renames them). Documentation has been updated .

Before the source code is updated, for the sake of safety, a copy of the original source is saved in the browser, and I have retained the older version of Adventuron at a different URL. 

I have tested this change thoroughly, but if there are any issues, come here..

The reason for the grammar change is simply to make things easier for beginners. I changed theme settings to be called theme_settings {} which now makes it much easier to uniquely identity (as opposed to settings {} which now just refers to game settings).