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CHECKLIST - Please Read Before Uploading Your Game Sticky Locked

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1 - Please ensure your submission adheres to the rules listed here;

Make sure you have the rights to all assets you are using, and attribute any contributors, either at the start of the game, or in response to a HELP or ABOUT input from the player.

2 - You have set up the game_information section with a UNIQUE uuid:

4 - You have tested your game on mobile, or marked the game as "non mobile" on itch. If your game text does not fit on mobile well consider:

-- a) Use the is_mobile() function to selectively display less text on mobile.

-- b) Use the : stagger command (similar to :print command) to automatically insert press_any_key commands between paragraphs (very comfortable on mobile).

-- c) Change the  in your theme { screen {num_columns_mobile  = xx} } to a slightly higher number and retest.

-- d) If you can't make it look good on mobile in the timeframe, mark it on Itch as not mobile friendly (9F in the first link) AND write in the submission DESKTOP ONLY. There is no rule against games that are not mobile friendly so this should not impact voting.

4 - You have followed the guide here for uploading your game to Itch (especially 9E, 9F, 9G):

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