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Devs vs. TrademarksView game page

An epic battle between Developers and the trademark office.
Submitted by whizzer0 (@whizzer0)
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@local_minimum Thanks for the feedback. It was designed for Python 3, but yes, a quick find and replace does fix it. I had the symbol that kept appearing too but I couldn't work out how to fix it as the only encoding I knew that works was UTF8.

The game was quite rushed as it was very last minute, hence the confused nature. It didn't really work out like I wanted it to, but to be honest I was happy that it even worked. My other game, A Saga Of Candy Spex was more polished and probably more fun to play, although it has even less user choice.


I edited your files and switched all input -> raw_input and then it runs fine. The pound symbol won't work for everyone unless you encode it so it all looks a bit strange since it' a lot of transactions involved. Played it for a bit, but felt there were quite few options where I could affect the game.