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Borromeo rated a game 170 days ago
A downloadable game for Windows and macOS.
A downloadable game for Windows.
This is "Knight and Mage"! a quick little cutscene made in RPG Maker MV for the C3 gamejam by Driftwoodgaming!
Jakk Dion published a "Short Film" 188 days ago
A downloadable "Short Film" for Windows.
Game Short "Film" Designer : Jakk Dion Studio : ZL Studios Engine : RPG Maker MV Genre : Action-Adventure Subgenre: Psychological Horror Version ID : Alpha Version Number : 1.0 Story Completion: 8 0% Game Cutscene Completion : 80% Cutscene...
KayZaman published a game 188 days ago
A downloadable game for Windows.
This game is a submission for Creative Cutscene Contest Hosted by TeasJams , DriftwoodGaming · #@DriftwoodGaming Story - You are Red, leader of Dungeon [Skull] Busters, vigilante for search-seek-and-kill ene...
A downloadable game.
Enjoy my short cut-scene entry for C3! Thanks for hosting the Jam <3 Set graphics to Fantastic for best quality. Alt+F4 will close the game. Please note, I forgot to disable movement during the cutscene and that trying to move in any direc...
ManyTales published a game 189 days ago
A downloadable game for Windows and macOS.
A shaman in training journeys into the spirit world to face the darkness within him. What he finds, however, is not what he was expecting. This was a project made for a game jam by Driftwood Gaming. The game jam required a cut scene that wa...
Cylaxk2 published a 404 190 days ago
A downloadable 404.

Death is the final thing in your life? Or is it? What are you?

A machine a human? Your memories... Are fabricated... You are under an eye of malice... Don't hide it will find you... Your systems are already belong to someone... You have no escape...

Set Your volume to max for this game! As the Tiny bit of voice acting there is sometimes low (due to the machines broken voice box)

Unkown - Uknown Type >.>

Isabella Ava published a game 190 days ago
A downloadable game.
It's a small scene with the cast are characters from my main project: Mel's Saga Demon God Vessel. This cutscene has been specially made for C3 gameJam which hosted by my favorite Streamers, it isn't related to my main project. It's a smal...
RPGtime published a game 194 days ago
A downloadable game.
This is a parody/spoof of most RPGMaker games. It's basically just me being fed up with a lot of the common cliches and crap I see from being an RPGMaker youtuber. Please enjoy, it took me 5 years to make and yes, I will cry and report any...