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Litza Bronwyn updated a game 16 days ago
A downloadable game.
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Odysseus rated a game 17 days ago
A downloadable game.
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A downloadable game.
A downloadable project.
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A downloadable game.
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MarshLynx rated a game 144 days ago
A browser game made in HTML5.
A downloadable game.
A downloadable card.

Surprisingly deep mechanics, this was very fun to play even as a single player. I think there's a way to format the text to make it easier to figure things out. Honestly, I was really impressed with how much there was to do in this game. 

Also how does fear get triggered in the game? I see it referenced damaging sanity but I think I missed how it happens to players 

A downloadable game.

Very simple. Streamlined to open a conversation that follows exactly the theme of Junction.  This was the kind of short game I was looking to play with my partner, I'll try printing a few out to put in holiday cards and see how my friends and family like them

A downloadable game.
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