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RPGs don't have to be book-length in order to be compelling game experiences. In fact, they don't even have to be page-length. This is a jam for making games that can fit onto a business card. Business cards are often exchanged by game designers (and others) as a social ritual, but many end up lost or recycled without ever being used beyond the moment of exchange. What would it look like to try and make that experience more story-shaped, or even to embrace the transient nature of a business card as a part of gameplay?

- Your game should fit onto a business card, either single or double sided.

Optional challenges:
- Make a game where part of gameplay involves damaging or destroying the business card.
- Make a game where everyone possessing a copy of the card is a player in one giant game.
- Use your game as your business card.

- Can I submit multiple entries?

- Can it be a hack of another game?
Go for it! Keeping in the spirit of the jam, the business card version should play as a stand-alone game.

- Is there a specific dimension I need to follow?
Business cards come in all shapes an sizes (we're not going to decide what is or is not a business card,) so use your best judgement on whether it could be easily tucked into a wallet or pocket. The optional template below uses a standard American-sized business card (approx 2" x 3.5")

- Adobe Illustrator/InDesign Template. For those that use Illustrator or InDesign, here's a free template you can use to create your own print-and-play version of your game for sharing up here on itch (or anywhere.) Here's an example of how the finished product looks.


This game jam is hosted by Naomi B. (@adanarama / with co-hosts Star West (@starkingwest / and Nick S. (@storytellernick)


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A simple game of lighthearted frivolity.
a solo journal writing game of a vampire & their human lover
a system-agnostic modular ruleset for campaign games
Your prickly grumpy fellows welcome you!
Explore uncharted waters for the Monument.
A game to create a spellbook, week by week
All the ghosts must be counted! A business card sized party game for spooky people!
A text based adventure / RPG game with a compact source code that fits on a business card.
Play in browser
a game of remembrance and longing
A micro rpg about darkness and feelings.
a business card game for very important demons.
A business card game for magical queers
Microgames that fit in your pocket.
Use your social media handle or email address to make a sigil
A collaborative storytelling game.
a tiny game about literal sword dreams
A business-card sized RPG for four people who want to fight evil
a cat-drawing game that fits on a business card
15 minute TTRPG on a business card
a game of collected moments
A series of tiny games I use as business cards
A business card game for pack rats.
Pocket Sized RPG where you defend the underworld!
A business card RPG meant to share some sick beats
A business card game about fated stories
A business card game meant to replace giving actual flowers (but you can do that too!)
A Business Card Jam game about your body changing in strange ways.
The night is quiet and you are not alone
Be the best at businessing!
step two: don't panic
Prepare your photo album. Find your fellow pet parent. Spazz. Profit.
A game about hidden messages.
a microgame about connection, memories, and knowing each other.
A 1-card rhyme fighting game
Is this the most irrelevant way to summon eldritch beings?
The best name buys drinks! A "Business Card Jam" submission.
Etch your story into the stars, and then share it for everyone to see...
The Demonic Office Battle Royale
1 double-sided page, 4 games
Contemplating revenge in the face of apocalypse.
A business card RPG set in the Wasteland of Enchantment
Protect Your Spirit Crystal From The Evil Yōma
A Very Complimentary Game
Pick your favourite snacks/fast-foods and battle all your friends!
A prompt for more flavoursome networking interactions
Print & Play PNP that fits in your wallet
An icebreaker RPG
A schlocky storytelling business card-sized game about teens in a haunted mall
A role-playing game for when you visit your local public library. Created for #BusinessCardJam
The world was wide, open, unknown but I carried a scrap of it in my pocket.
A business card RPG where you create items to put in a package to send to a mysterious recipient in need.
In this RPG you play as an explorer guided by your compass (card)! Created for #BusinessCardJam
Just a business card sized version of the classic game.
Make up a story about a flower's meaning / For BusinessCardJam
A Micro-sized Space Adventure
What have you brought before the God of Lost Things?
The Highly Infectious Party Game
Try To See The Bigger Picture And Find Your Other Half
A tiny game about making a friend's small wishes come true.
Reunite the lost lovers with Rock-Paper-Scissors!
100 business cards are printed. Will you make it out?
Tall Tales - A game of truths and lies.
Introspective business card about war, for 1 or 2 players.
This card is a wall.
A business card sized rpg for business card collectors
A Solo Micro RPG. v1.0
A game about memories and connection
A game to play at conferences & conventions to get to know people. Created for #BusinessCardJam
listen to the ghosts
The only fishing minigame you can play with a business card
like pokedex, but for cryptids, and fits onto a business card
A micro-rpg for card-carrying ambassadors of culture
a duet writing game of ritual, intimacy, and distance
a game of arts & crafts, and murder
A business card game about being a baby dragon with loot and minions.
story game
A card game that you can play with business cards!
A new take on business cards. Designed for the #BusinessCardJam