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Hey there! I'm glad you like the idea. If you get a chance to play, please let me know! The more feedback I can get from different folks on their experience the better.

I'm running into a problem with my publishing software, but I'm hoping to get a prototype of the full-sized racetrack that you can print out onto 4 letter-sized pages out next week.

I'm so stoked about this game and the Kickstarter Campaign as a whole. Music is great and the charts are challenging, but definitely accomplish-able with practice (and not just raw memorization.) If the full game plays like this, this will end up being the most satisfied with a Kickstarter I've ever been!

There's a few bugs (right now the train section gets stuck) so I've mainly been just grinding songs and not worrying about the story.

A few minor areas of feedback:

  •  When I finish a song I'd like to be able to dive back into it right away. Whether that's with a retry option on the score screen or if I get dropped back onto that song on the track select, either would work for me.
      • I also wish it remembered your song modifiers from song to song. Like, if I selected unbeatable and and am cycling between songs, it would be nice to remember that. Same for things like double-time or the scroll speed so I don't have to go into those modifiers for every song I play.
      • The Field of View when it zooms out to both sides makes things a lot harder. For most of the songs that's part of the challenge, but it can be really frustrating when dealing with the vanishing notes on unbeatable tracks as they have sometimes already vanished by the time they even arrive on the screen, so you're just mashing or seeing "miss" and no notes are displayed on the screen.

      Thank you! I'm glad you liked them.

      Thank you! I hope you found it helpful!

      Thank you! I'm glad you liked it!

      Awesome! I'm glad that you found it helpful! Would you like me to add it to the list of Example Zines on the template's page?

      Sounds good! I kinda had a feeling based on the description, but figured it was worth just asking. Thanks for getting back to me! Cheers!

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      Yeah, what worries me is that while only "New Games" are indicated as sending out an email, there are things in the second line that do also send out emails, specifically DevLogs.

      A lot of stuff shows up in the feed (like very time you update/edit a project or add something to a collection,) which emails aren't sent for.

      I agree that uploading new files should probably be safe. I think that ends up in the feed, but doesn't get emailed out unless you add a DevLog to it.

      Unfortunately it looks like the documentation isn't totally clear or up to date.

      This article is what I've found officially from Itch so far:

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      I know Followers receive notifications when you launch an new project and I know they receive notifications when you release a new DevLog, but I'm not sure about what other activities trigger notifications to followers.

      I don't think new file uploads sent out notifications, but can anyone confirm? I don't want to spam folks with notifications.

      Are physical games welcome in this jam, or is it a video games only adventure?

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      Hey J.Pablo!

      I have it in my backlog to get some support out there for background images. It's taking a lot longer to get together because it digs more into web design concepts in order to do it right and I just haven't had the time. But, the short version for your specific situation is:

      Because of the nature of web design and varying screen width, I would recommend that if you aren't using a background pattern that just repeats across the page, you center the design of your background to work from the center of your page outward towards either edge of your screen. There are some additional tricks you can take advantage, and you can use a much smaller image if you're just trying to create a repeating pattern like horizontal strips going across the page or something like that.

      Here's some general things to think about though if you want to have an image that specifically highlights the center area of the page:

      The center section of the page with all your game information (the name for this section is inner_column) is 960px wide on desktop view by default.

      If you upload a background image and set its alignment to Center, your background will be placed directly behind and aligned to the center of the  inner_column. This means that if your background image is 960px wide it will stay completely hidden behind that column, but if you make it wider, say 980px the center 960px of your background image will be covered by the inner_column, but you'll have 20px peeking out from behind that column on either side.

      So, if you want a single centered background image (i.e. no horizontal repeat) you'll want to figure out how much of the background you want to display beyond the 960px on each side and then add that to the 960px for your total width. If you want to have 40px of the background display past either side of the inner_column, you'd take (40px*2)+960px=1040px.

      Now the height of your image will depend on the type of background you have and how frequently the repeat is. The smaller and more consistent your pattern the less tall you need your background image to be. Set your background image to repeat vertically.


      It gets a little messier when considering break points. Game Pages have 3 breakpoints: Desktop, Tablet, Mobile. You can't do much with this unless you are doing custom CSS on your page though. The 2 things to consider are that:

      1) for Tablet view the inner column is 600px wide, so a lot more of your background will be displayed, and you may want to consider that when designing it.

      2) For the Mobile view, as soon as your window width gets down to 600px the inner_column will fill the entire screen width and none of your background will be displayed unless you've used custom CSS to modify the breakpoint width.

      For these reason, if you are trying to add a border to the inner_column, what you'll actually want to use custom CSS for those borders.

      There's also Alienmelon's Electric Zine Maker, which I've looked at but haven't gotten around to trying myself, but it looks cool!

      Thank you for the kind words! I'm glad you found it helpful!

      Thank you!

      Great! Thank you for the confirmation!

      I'll clean up the rules and get an updated version out for the A4 template out soon!

      I'm glad you found it helpful!

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      Hi Zarabatana. I just added a set of IMDL files to the Letter-sized version of the template that should work with older versions of InDesign, but Creative Cloud won't let me install an older version of InDesign to actually test it and be sure it works correctly.

      Is there any chance you could give it a test and let me know if it works? I would really appreciate it!

      If it works, I'll do the same for the A4 version of the template as well.

      Look for the folder InDesign Template (Compatibility Version) (it's in the InDesign Template folder) for the IDML files and instructions.

      Wow! Huge thanks for taking the time to look over my work and for your kind thoughts! I'm really glad you liked the game.

      Also, I loved reading through Rod, Reel, & Fist, and I hope I'll get a chance to actually play it sometime soon!

      Hey! I added a little section on what happens when there is no cover image with a few screenshots. Thanks for the suggestion!

      Oh, that's a good thing to note! I should double check what happens on your profile page and in the itch browse results if you don't have a cover image as well.

      I'll do some testing and add a section for No Cover Image.

      You're welcome. I'm glad it was helpful!

      Cheers! I've got a template I'm working on in the works. I know it works in InDesign, and here's to hoping I can get it to do its thing in Affinity as well. From there it's a matter of getting instructions assembled and packaging everything up.

      Hey PorcMig! I've started on the background guide, but haven't finished it yet. It's gotten a lot bigger than I originally intended, so it's going to be its own itch project and more of a demonstration with several different approaches and strategies for folks to experiment with rather than a set of templates.

      I have most of the walkthrough videos recorded, but haven't finished cleaning them up yet.

      Sorry for the delay!

      Hey Davey! I'm glad you had fun way back when. I hope you get a chance to give it a whirl again and that you and the rest of your family are doing well.

      Hi Iyad! Not sure if you saw this, but someone is currently hosting an Index Card Game Jam!

      Naomi, Nick, and I are running a second Business Card Jam later in the fall. Until then, consider giving this one a whirl!

      Hey Business Card Jam fans! There's another small format jam--an index card jam--happening on Itch right now!

      While Naomi, Nick, and I are planning on hosting another Business Card Jam in the fall, that's still several months away! So if want to scratch that tiny game format jamming itch between now and then,you should definitely check this out:

      Please add Wanderlust to the bundle:

      We'll most likely do a virtual jam again towards the end of the summer! We've been talking about playing with some other formats too, like a 1-page zine RPG jam.

      Hi there! If I'm working on a supplement for another game, is that acceptable as a submission, or does the submission need to be a game in you're own right?

      Hey there! It's a totally reasonable question. I know we were hoping to do something again later in the year, but we haven't discussed when.

      Our main focus up until up until about 2 months ago was that we were thinking of doing BusinessCardJam as a fun workshop at a few cons over here on the West Coast (GoPlayNW, Big Bad Con, and maybe Geek Girl Con), but everything schedule-wise is a bit up in the air at the moment (GoPlay is going online and BBC is canceled for the year,) so we're back to sort of figuring out what to do next. We did a test workshop a month or so ago just to feel out how an in-person event might go, and it went really well!

      If/when we do post a Business Card Jam 2020, we'll definitely post it here so folks hear about it!

      Thank you! I'm glad you found it helpful! I'm hoping to get the Backgrounds guide together soon as well.

      Thank you! I'm glad you found it useful. Please let me know if you see anything I should correct or anything  you think I should add.

      Hey, there, sorry for the tied up with holiday noise over here in the states. I have a URL that I can send you to add the Micro Blades game to the GameJam. Here's the URL...I think it's set up so that you're the only one who is able to use it.

      (1 edit)

      Hey Vandel! If there something you really want to submit, I can create a link for you to do so. Let me know which itch project it is.


      I 100% agree. I wanted to have a series with 5 different constellations, but I just don't have the time at the moment. I'm working on a larger deck-based version now that'll have at least 10 different clusters.

      Thank you. I'm glad you liked it!

      Re: Font-size, I would recommend keeping important text close in size to 10-12 pt Arial (since some fonts vary dramatically in size, I would do a side-by-side comparison with 10 or 12pt Arial.) I would only use 8pt for specific details. 

      I think most online upload sites like Vistaprint just take image uploads (.png or .jpg) but they might also be able to take .pdf; it's been a while since I've used one of them.

      As far as software is concerned, I think Lucidpress and Canva both have free versions that allow you to upload up to 3 pages or something like that, which should hopefully be more than enough for the jam. They also probably have some dimensions you can snag. I believe Naomi ( used Canva to create their cards.

      Cool. Let me know if you run into any challenges. It looks like you should be able to submit multiple entries though; I'm hoping to get one more in before the end of the jam.

      Hey there! I was able to submit 2 entries. I just clicked on the Submit Your Project button from the overview tab. Is that not displaying for you?