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Submitted by telpayment (@tonypayment), ASernaIO (@ASGDTweet) — 8 minutes, 19 seconds before the deadline
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Nice idea! I included it in my Buddy Up Jam: Winter 2022 compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :)


I really liked the character design, that was super cool! Jumping and moving around was pretty challenging, I had to use a few attempts to progress. Also I would suggest cutting down alittle on the intro cutscenes, it is always a very fine line with how much to include. Nevertheless, it is a nice foundation if you are going to develop it further! Well done :-)


The acceleration of the jump and when you changed direction made it pretty tricky to control. That blind jump at the end was mean!

Other than that I liked it, felt like a personal story. 


This game was really hard to control, the character gets super fast easily and the jump makes you go even faster sometimes. The cutscenes i saw were good, the writing was also good.


i like the premise of the game!  nice opening cutscene too

but for me, the controls were extremely finnicky so it was difficult to play, got to i believe the 3rd level before getting soft-locked lol

but besides that, i thought it was pretty interesting!  well done on submitting a game!


Yeah I'm not sure what happened with the controls rip, when we were testing they worked differently on different machines so while it was playable on our end it might not be on others. Glad you enjoyed what you could of it though!