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STREAMING top-ranked games on September 12th at 16:00 UTC (selecting best games for a video on stream)

A topic by Igor Konyakhin created 82 days ago Views: 302
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Selecting game for my "Best games" video on STREAM on September 12th at 16:00 UTC

I plan to make a video about "Best Brackeys jam games"

I've already played and rated 113 games, but in addition to that I plan to play all top 50 games in overall, game design, fun categories and top 20 games in other categories. I decided to do it on stream, so I don't procrastinate I have more fun.

In this stream I am going to play top 50 games in "Overall" category ... at least that's the idea, because that's a ton of games and I am not sure I will be able to play around 50 games in one stream, even though I will skip the ones I already played.

If your game is in top 50 in overall, game-design or fun categories or top 20 in other categories, let me know here and in the stream chat - I may play your game out-of-order when you join. The idea is to play all of these games, but the exact order doesn't matter. It also works the other way around: if your game is in top overall, but you can't make it to this stream, I may postpone playing it till another stream (e.g. top 50 in game design).

I have to warn you though that I am generally quite critical and honest - if you join the stream, be prepared to hear what I actually think about the game and the fact that it's in top-50 won't stop me. I also have to go through games pretty quick, so I might not spend much time on games which are not super good.

Feel free to join 10-20 minutes earlier - I'll start a bit in advance to make sure everything works as expected. Join my YouTube's discord if you want to be notified about my streams, videos and so you can message me your preferences for your game play-time: Or message me on Discord directly (Igor Konyakhin).

This is the scheduled stream (you can open it on YouTube to set a reminder):

The video with the best games will go on the same channel, along with other cool planned videos:

  • How I won $500 in a game jam
  • How I made online 20+ player game for this Brackeys jam

It will take some time thought, because, well, I plan to play a ton more games to make my selection as good as possible. Meanwhile, check out this cool vid about speedrunning making a maze game in just 8.5 minutes including maze generation, all art, shader graph, 2d lights, shadows and more: