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I need a team

A topic by CoolGuy235 created Jun 06, 2021 Views: 176 Replies: 9
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Hey, I could do the programming and music with you.

I also needed a team can anyone team up with me cuz i sucked at programming(other stuffs are pretty good)

I know almost nothing, my skills are zero and my last game was a like Cookie Clicker game made in Scratch. When I start?


then why u replied me!! lol


I am not an expert but you could start testing some better game engines and learn the programming language for that engine

Thaks. I will follow your advice. I was already planning to learn to use GDevelop, now I'm just tryng to learn a tool of svg editor and creator, to learn at least how to make some sprites in a style that I like.


I'm a programmer.  What Engine are u looking to use?

i like to work in godot!! wbu??

can we be a team?? if u agrees??