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Help a snake move on to a new nest with big balloons!
Submitted by SugarSores (@SugarSores) — 10 hours, 29 minutes before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Use of Bolt#14.5004.500
Entertainment Value#15.0005.000

Ranked from 2 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Judge feedback

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  • Absolutely adored that game! Everything from the controls to the polish including the sound is extremely well made. My only suggestion would be to make the balloon size have an impact on gameplay. Would definitely play a finished product on mobile. Great job!

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Really nice work on this :). The pacing of levels/difficulty felt smooth and the physics of the balloon/snake were engaging, and I liked the egg as an additional objective-especially it changing the shape and physics of the snake.

A few things though:
 - I really liked the introductory levels structure, but I think it would have benefited from having the balloon be able to pop in it too. It's not something that really needed explaining, but for it to not pop there, then pop in the next level was weird.
 - Similar to above, the ability for the balloon to pop against the environment feels inconsistent. Sometimes you can push into the wall quite a bit and it won't pop, other times a slight mistake will make it pop. As a result personally I'd rather it just always pop against a wall, as completing a level after it luckily didn't pop or losing the level because it unluckily did pop didn't feel as rewarding as when I just acted as if a balloon was lost anytime I hit the wall.
 - The eggs were neat and opened up a light sense of exploration to get them, so when you got to the level with the rising/falling platforms and the eggs just in the middle, that felt a bit flat.
 - Just a bug/issue:If you just click on the snakes tail and let go quickly, you'll end up with the tiny balloon-not completely inflated, but with the physics of the full balloon. You could abuse that to make some of the levels/obstacles easier, so it'd be good if you can have the balloon continue to inflate fully even after being attached.


Thanks :D

The tiny balloon thing was supposed to effect the strength of the balloon but I didn't get around to unfortunately. The balloon popping is based on how fast the balloon is moving; if I work on this more, I'll tweak it :)


The reasoning behind this game is incredibly touching. I can see how much it meant to you from the detail and polish you put into it. We were shocked by the amount of detail you put into this game! The sounds effects, visuals and game feel are all great! The balloons sounded amazing. The snake itself is so well made, I love how the snake visuals change when you eat an egg. I was pleased that you made so many levels and kept adding new mechanics and obstacles. 

Here is a suggestion: If you were to separate the balloon creation to another button, then you can have balloons work on things other than the snake and this can be very interesting as a game mechanic for more elaborate level design. Something like this:


Thanks for playing and your kind words (: 🎈 World of goo is also l i t