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Engage with your minty minions
Submitted by Swift Illusion (@Swift_Illusion) — 37 seconds before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Use of Bolt#44.0004.000
Entertainment Value#72.5002.500

Ranked from 2 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Judge feedback

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  • Absolutely *adorable* character design and heartwarming twist. The mechanics were a bit finicky to me (having trouble executing the throw I was aiming for), but the idea is interesting. Good job!

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Very cute! And also, how dare you? Right when I was getting attached to my sons, you murder them. You belong in prison. 

Cool character tho!


Haha, sorry but I'm glad you were able to feel attached to them so much as that was my aim :D.
If you reached the final moment I hope you saw I wasn't just mean :), though I didn't get time to make it more impactful than losing them.


Yeah I was like "Oh. Aight I guess ya'll can come...but THIS CHANGES NOTHING D:"


hahaha :)!!


Very very very impressive character design and animations! Almost too polished for a game jam. Great job! The overall progression was quite simple and perhaps this was because of the time put into the art. I would take the game further by exploring what else you can do with your minions.

Nice little touch at the end.


Really happy to hear that :)!
Yeah, with this theme and character, I wanted to be able to push some more on the tone and emotional side of the games experience. Because of that I felt it important to flesh out the character completely, rather than make a simpler version as I normally would and wait until post-jam to polish it more like last time. As a result though I lost an entire day in Unity trying to get her bow/hair working with cloth, finally concluding Unity's built in system was never going to function well enough so I had to buy Obi Cloth, which resulted in more than a day for that to get it functioning fully. I love and appreciate all this artists designs so much though so I was happy to hear people like it and was glad to see it fully realized, but that along with other difficulties meant I had to really pull back the scope of mechanics to keep it short and sweet.
And because of the smaller experience I had time left to make, in addition to consuming time I was worried additional mechanics would muddy the core theme, or make it harder to create the quick and simple attachment to her minions I wanted if you needed to spend time learning things.

Thanks so much :D, was only able to reach the games conclusion with a couple hours left so didn't even have time for a camera zoom or slowdown to frame that final moment even more, so I'm relieved to hear you liked that :).