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A topic by angrysmile created Jun 19, 2020 Views: 230 Replies: 14
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Please feel free to ask

Is there a way I can submit my availability as an artist to help someone with this game jam?

I'm new to the site and not a programmer, but I have worked on a couple of game jams, and want to submit art for this one as well!


Thank you for bringing up a very valid question. I will add a team up section to help aid you find a team and get your art be brought to life


Any further suggestions. Don't hesitate to ask

Thank you kindly!

I have never done a game jam and I have a full time job.  Is this a jam that would be good for me to find a team for or would it be better to wait until I'm able to have time off work?

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Personally, I have only worked solo along with full time responsibilities as well and its discouraging to know what could have been if you had a free life lol. At the same time it is oddly motivating to work a little bit on your free time here and there and still turn out a completed project. This repeating game jam is designed to lift everyone entering so when they leave, they have some new skills and confidence

If you would like to try out a team, why not take a look at the help wanted section and see if you could find someone useful to your skills or maybe post there requesting exactly what you are looking for. 

You may be surprised at what you could accomplish. If you take a look at my profile, those two games were made in 3 and 4 days with very little free time. I just kept it simple and set up an organized Trello board ( I will make quick tutorial if you guys want) and just start checking things off as fast as possible.

I'd try solo but I'm currently just doing sound design. I haven't gotten to do much for anything else.

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Completely understandable. 

Please, feel free to post in this game jam's help available / help wanted section. As well as the community section at the top of the page may have someone looking some sound outside this jam, you might be able to find something there and get that practice in. also has its own section for game tools, soundtracks and assets, so you might find some success posting some free samples or selling some sfx or music as well.

Good luck, hope I helped

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Would you like one? 

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HostSubmitted Because you asked

is it prohibited to enter two teams in the same time?


Not only is it prohibited from this jam, I'm pretty sure that its highly illegal in several countries and possibly you've gotten me in trouble just by talking about it!

Nah, i'm just kidding. I don't see why not... 

you got me in the first half OMG