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Fossa, Day 11: Missed It By That Much!

A topic by chimerror created Aug 12, 2016 Views: 189 Replies: 3
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OK, I tried to get it all in by the deadline, but despite some great progress, I'm not going to be finished in the next 45 minutes. I could stress myself out, or know when I'm beat. I'll probably take the rest of the weekend to finish it up at least, because I'm about a day out or so.

I now can move through my dungeon, sending out party members to explore, and getting their results, but there is no penalties for doing so. I don't have any other screens done, but am in the middle of adding dialogue trees. Perhaps I could also replace the terrible programmer art I just drew.

I'll at least still upload it to itch when I'm finished.

This was fun, I'll have to do this again!


hi, i can give you a late submission URL if you message me on IRC


If you decide not to continue with this work it would be great to see the code and run it as is. Continuing and finishing it would be great, bu also consider uploading the source to github if you do abandon it. I enjoyed reading your thought processes and learnings around your approach in your posts and would love to see what came of it.

I'm definitely working on it, I decided to take Friday off to decompress a little and I spent Saturday just trying to beat the heat. I'll probably try to work some Sunday morning!