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Feel free to share what you created here

A topic by Part12Studios created Sep 16, 2018 Views: 168 Replies: 4
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Thank you for participating in the jam.  We had three folks and I was one of them so I'll share what I was working on. 

I started a rock paper scissors bomb project before, but I wanted to expand on it some with better interactivity.  I've been learning a lot of new things about skills via voice apps.   I wanted to create a better interactive experience with it.  I have a few things left to refine but I plan on submitting it today.  

I look forward to trying it! 

Mine's a simple arena fighter. It's fairly bare-bones and I scaled it down from what I was originally thinking I'd be able to do, but I'm glad I at least got it functional and submitted to be published. 

The way it works is you're in a lobby and you can search for a (NPC) opponent to fight. If you win, you gain HP and gold, and can choose to either go on and fight another opponent, racking up a bonus multipler, or retire and return to the arena so you can upgrade your weapons. 

I'm looking forward to improving on the concept in a new version/game later. :)


very cool I look forward to seeing what you made :)


i'm went ahead and re-submitted to include some visuals for Show devices.  Be another day or two but i'm working on establishing a pattern/standard for all of my skills.  I'll link it on the store as soon as it's ready.  

I look forward to see what you came up with.  The idea of scaling down is not surprising.  there are a lot of ideas with Alexa that either turn out to be not possible or at least much harder to implement perfectly (and perfectly is the key word).  Because speech is so subjective it's not as concert as say.. a touch screen.. or controller.. where "touch this / do that"..  here you have so many possible ways someone might speak that to catch them all gracefully is easier said than done.  


ok the update got approved with the updates I wanted to test out in here.