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A jam submission

Project Alchemist Alpha 0.3.5View game page

Alpha 0.3.5
Submitted by ArAdev — 1 day, 4 hours before the deadline
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the control scheme feel weird:

-i can't jump while moving and using the sword at the same time using my two hands. maybe the movement should be done with WASD instead of arrows
-you need to use up arrow to read a sign, but press the jump button to continue the text/get out of the sign: it should probably be just one button for all that
-i think you should add an "action button" to do all major things in the game: read the signs (and continue/exit the sign),  ledge grab (while jumping/falling), etc
-changing the direction of the spear should be done manualy instead of automatic: while placing the spear, simple dragging the mouse to the direction i want should do the job.

some bugs:
-the gun dont seems to work. even with bullets, the gun wont fire
-that box thing that shoots arrows, the arrows damage you even on the ground. you can die in two/three seconds if you arent careful enough

i can see some potencial good gameplay with alchemy and scenary interaction, so keep going


Thanks for playing!

I´ll check the control scheme, the reason it is really weird is because I test the game with a controller and I haven´t really thought about the keyboard controls. I rushed too much to finish the demo, that´s why I could not  finish the use of guns, to use them in this demo you need to aim before shooting. I´ll check the damage of the things for the next version, to make that things that are stopped can´t damage the player.